Congratulations on your decision to get married. It’s an exciting time with lots of wedding planning ahead!

Sacrament of Marriage

We wish to express our congratulations and best wishes to you both as you prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage.

The Church rejoices in your decision to get married and offers its continued support to you as you journey together. The Church (the people of God) sees your marriage as a sign of God’s love among us. As ministers of the Sacrament of Marriage to each other, you choose to live your married lives within the community of the Church.

  • Call or e-mail the Parish Secretary to make your enquiry
  • You can then visit the Parish office during opening hours to pick up a wedding booking form
  • Alternatively, the Parish Secretary can email over the wedding booking form.
  • We would ask that you fill it in and return it to the parish office at your earliest convenience.
  • NOTE: We have 2 churches and should your desired date be unavailable,
    the OTHER church might still be free so please call the office (Monday to Friday, 10 am – 2 pm) 01 825 9114 to clarify.
  • NOTE: We do have a charge for the use of our churches.

Celebrating Marriage in The Parish of Dunshaughlin & Culmullen

Please read carefully and retain for information.

  • Thank you for enquiry regarding marriage in our Parish of Dunshaughlin & Culmullen Parish.
  • We welcome your enquiry and we are happy to assist you as you prepare for marriage.
  • Please take note of the following requirements in relation to Church documents.
  • Church documents are completed by the priest in the parish where the bride and groom reside.
  • All paperwork should be completed at least three months prior to your wedding.

Documents Required

  • Pre-nuptial Enquiry Form
  • Baptismal Certificate
    Each of you should contact the parish of your baptism seeking a new baptismal certificate.
  • Confirmation Certificate
    Each of you should contact the parish from which you were Confirmed seeking a Confirmation Certificate.
  • Declaration of Freedom
    Each of you must prove you are free to marry, e.g.
    • Letter from your Parish Priest, or
    • Letter from your parents, or
    • Civil affidavit.
  • Pre-Marriage Course
    All couples must attend a Pre-Marriage Preparation Course with Accord.

Please note these these requirements must also be fulfilled by couples from outside the Dunshaughlin & Culmullen Parish, in addition to the following:

  • You must organise your own priest to officiate at the ceremony
  • There is a €350 charge for couples from outside the Parish

Civil Registration

You must contact the Registrar’s Office to arrange a meeting. The Office will give you all the information that is required in order to obtain your civil marriage registration form which is required for all couples marrying in the Republic of Ireland.

If at any stage before the wedding it is discovered that either party is for any reason not free to marry, the date of the marriage will be postponed until such time as the partners are free to contract a valid marriage.


Please contact the Secretary by email or telephone 01 825 9114.