Return to Mass Update
Following the announcement by Government on the re-opening of society,
there are some important implications for our Churches.

Bishop of Meath
The announcement by Government on the re-opening of society has some important implications for ourselves.
As and from next Monday, September 13th, churches can operate to 50% of capacity for all ceremonies,
except in the case of marriages, the limit for which remains at 100 persons until October 22nd.
In effect, this means pods and social distance regulations for churches no longer apply,
the only restriction being 50% of capacity. Face masks must continue to be worn.
This increase to 50% of capacity is regardless of vaccination status and also pertains to funerals.
Funerals have also been heavily impacted and the increase on those attending to half the capacity of the church will be very welcome

Meeting of Stewards
As stated in Bishop’s letter, the Government have stipulated attendance at Mass is limited to 50% capacity.
It was noted 50 per cent capacity for Dunshaughlin Church is 250 people, and 100 people for Culmullen.
Accordingly the Committee make the following recommendations
Two hundred and fifty people can be admitted to Mass in Dunshaughlin Church
One hundred people can be admitted to Mass in Culmullen Church.
The new regulations from the Government/HSE require people on entering the Churches to sanitize,
wear face covering and take their seats keeping the following in mind.
Four people are allowed in each seat, more if all are family members from same house.
It is advisable not to kneel directly behind someone who is seated.
While no distancing rules apply people are advised to exercise care entering and leaving the Church,
going to and coming to Communion and after Mass waiting in turn to use candle shrines etc.
Windows will be left open for ventilation until further notice,
all doors will be wide open at end of Mass,
the Church will continue to be fogged once a week and cleaned.
We welcome the easing of restrictions and hope to see many people return to Sunday and
weekday Masses.