First Holy Communion in 2024

As the time draws near for return to Schools, some parents have been asking
about First Holy Communion for second class children (8 year olds) next year.
At this stage we can confirm that First Holy Communion will be celebrated
for Baptised Catholic children in our Parish during the month of May.

Please note, that on return to the classrooms, a meeting of parents
will be arranged in mid September. At this Meeting which will be held
in the Church, parents will have the opportunity to enrol their child
for the Sacraments. It is also envisaged that dates for the Masses
will be set, in consultation with teachers and parents at this meeting.

Parents of children attending the LMETB School who wish to enrol a child
for First Holy Communion or indeed any parents who are home schooling
their children, are invited to contact the Parish Priest
Fr Sean Henry directly on 01 825 9114 to discuss this.