Catholic Schools Week
Beginning this Sunday, the 23rd of January 2022,
the theme this year is ‘Catholic Schools’ Living Life to the full.
Living our Life to the full means living our lives with God.
We have various images of God. These images can change
as we journey through life. Therefore as the life
of the Catholic and the life of God are intertwined
so too are the life of the Catholic School and the life of God’
We value our Catholic Schools in the Parish;
we thank our teachers, staff, board members and all involved.
We appreciate the work of teachers who teach religion
to the pupils and prepare children for the Sacraments.
For information log on to
Prayer service on webcam, St Seachnall’s NS Wednesday 26th at 12noon
Prayer service on webcam, Gael Scoil Thursday 27th at 12noon